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European R&D cooperation


Merioneo Technology is specialized in the development and management of R&D projects funded by the European Union or national Research Agencies in a Eureka approach. Our company provides a full range of project management services from the initial design and development of the project, including the search for partners, to its implementation and final delivery to the EU and the verification of the project’s accounts by the EU auditors.


Our principal mission is to help all types of organizations, including commercial and non-profit, navigate successfully through the EU ranges of tools and programmes and take full advantage of the business and financing opportunities offered by the EU Commission. We are well qualified to fulfill this mission especially for the benefit of innovative SMEs as the company has a relevant and genuine background in Innovation and Small Business Development.


Our working methods involve providing our clients with up to-date information on the relevant and most appropriate funding schemes, as well as the Commission’s thinking behind them. In addition, we provide expertise, guidance and examples of best practice in implementing projects under these programmes in the following areas: Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), Photonics, Technologies for Medical (TechMed).