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Entrepreneurs coaching


Merioneo Technology offers a unique range of services dedicated to entrepreneurs in the preparation phase prior company creation. We provide entrepreneurs assistance and tools in an incubation approach to help them overcome the business and emotional challenges of starting a company


  • Competitive Intelligence: dedicated sessions to technological competitive environment

  • Team’s Entrepreneurship Mindset: we use a unique cooperation-based approach in order to reach a common goal: to build sustainable cooperation-oriented global mindset within project team members. Our approach has been proved efficient and reliable through many customer cases, this method is well suited to innovation marketing and management issues such as project business plan assessments, preparing launch plans for a new product or service, partnership requirements, and offers the following advantages:
      - Risks and opportunities analysis quickly appropriated by the team members,
      - Team members ready and able to quickly manage change,
      - A comprehensive chart of team member's motivations,
      - A shared and detailed vision of the project dynamics,
      - Priorities are produced and highlighted by team members,
      - New behaviors and project aligned mindsets are generated.