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News From Clients


AD Rem Technology business is to develop and market innovative medical devices based on NMES (neuromuscular electrical stimulation).
VeinoPlus is the first neuromuscular electro stimulator specific of venous return usable in ambulatory mode (portable).
AD REM stands among exhibitors in Arab Health 2008 (28-31 january 2008) - The Arab Health exhibition and congress is the region's premier event for the Middle East bringing healthcare manufacturers, wholesalers, dealers and distributors together with some of the most important and influential decision-makers in the Arab world.
[2008, January]

SDN International unveils CyberProtect. The first cost effective cyberinsurance dedicated t o Small Businesses. The steadily rising number of virus attacks, hacker assaults, and other IT security incidents bring new urgency to efforts to strengthen IT security at every level. Cyberinsurance stands among the most efficient risk-management tools for strengthening IT security and reliability, both for individual stakeholders and for society at large. The emergence of cyberinsurance to address growing risks and vulnerabilities from our increased dependence on computer systems, the Internet, and other networked information technology.
[2008, January]

Shaktiware is since end 2007 certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.
If an organization is to operate efficiently and effectively, it must control its operations in a systematic and logical manner. Past experience has shown that the most successful companies benefit from implementing systems that not only address the needs of their customers, but also provide a framework for analyzing errors and using this information to improve the way they operate.
The ISO 9000 series of standards was written to provide guidelines to assist organizations implement and operate quality management systems. The revised series of standards (ISO 9000:2000 series) consists of three standards (ISO 9000, ISO 9001 and ISO 9004) that are internationally accepted and provide a consistent basis for understanding requirements relating to product and service quality.
[2008, January]

Blue Eye Video unveils its last smart intelligent camera.

Blue Eye Video is an engineering company based in Grenoble, France. Founded by a group of image analysis and computing engineers and researchers, we develop our business by selling top performance counting and traffic measurement solutions to major companies and organisations around the world.


[2008, January]


Yoowalk, a young company selected at the international LeWeb3 conference as one of the 30 most promising startups of the moment, has closed its first round of founding with CITA Gestion and business angels, notably Alexis Caude, founder and president of Newsweb Group.

Founded by Xavier Marvaldi, previously General Manager of M6web, the company develops the website, a 3D community service never seen before where, for the first time, you will be able, on a single click, to :
- surf the web in 3D with your avatar,
- build a 3D version of your website,
- create your own room in 3D,
- develop a social network simply by meeting other Yoowalkers in this virtual world

[2008, January]