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Examples Of Case Studies


Client and case studies 2

Current Sector Focus 1

We operate a continuous effort to find, invest in and guide brilliant innovators and proven technology entrepreneurs. We support companies that are or will be market leaders in their areas.


Here are some examples of the work we have carried out:

  • Developing a European strategy for an international TechMed Company and assisting it to win financial support from French research agencies
  • Carrying out a key market study for a French start-up implementing a new concept in reality games for 3G mobile phones.
  • Training management team of a telecom start-up (spun off from France Telecom) in a team building approach (generation of new behaviors and project’s aligned mindsets)
  • Assisting an entrepreneur in a second-round venture operation from the introduction phase to the closing stage including assistance in an extensive due diligence phase
  • Providing strategic audit for an innovative ICT SME on behalf of a French Competitiveness Cluster
  • Assisting an organization preparing a tender for carrying out a study on Innovative ICT SME in Europe (EU25) to the Commission
  • Advice and assistance to a Public Research Lab on participating in EU funded programmes
  • Design and assisting researchers in photonics in proposals for Marie Curie Actions (EU funded programme for training in research areas)